May 28, 2016

Eczema Blogs That We Follow (You’re Not Alone with Eczema)

eczema blogs

While there are tonnes of websites online presenting information on eczema, we have found that not all are created equal. Our editorial team go through these heaps of websites to come up with this list of blogs that we enjoy reading and follow. 

Please note that the blogs featured in this list are arranged only in alphabetical order and not in any other way because we are fans of them all!​

Battle Eczema

battle eczema

Acknowledging that there is really no one magical cure for eczema, Sou shares her experiences on what has worked for her over the years and what hasn't.

A firm believer in a healthy lifestyle, she adopts a holistic approach to eczema management and shares some interesting perspectives on eczema and how certain factors maybe associated with eczema through her experiences. She has  reviewed various products such as creams, lotions and makeup and shares her feedback on how these products have benefited her.

Bye Bye Steroids

bye bye steroids

This blogger ahfaye documents her topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) journey with many photos on a regular basis, with great improvements over the 32 months documented so far.

The mother of two have suffered from eczema since young and have endured six rounds of TSW in the past and is documenting the seventh (and hopefully the final one) on her blog. She has been through trying many forms of treatments ranging from TCM, acupuncture, water fasting, and of course steroids which is the ultimate cause of the many rebounds. 

Diary of An Eczema Sufferer

diary of an eczema sufferer

As what the title simply reads, it is a personal diary of an eczema sufferer. She shares her thoughts on what she faced on her long quest through these 8 years to achieve scratch-free days. 

From using medications early on to treat the symptoms of eczema, she has gone on to find that there are many natural ways which one can use to manage the eczema and shares some of her observations on the eczema triggers in detail and encourages her readers to identify theirs and manage it in the best ways possible.

Eczema Blues

eczema blues

A light-hearted blog written by a Singaporean, Mei (or referred to as Marcie's Mom) on her daughter Marcie's eczema condition and how they have managed her condition from 2 weeks old till present. 

Eczema Blues contains a plethora of information especially on managing eczema in children, as well as many features with several medical doctors and practitioners offering wonderful insights into many ​topics ranging from nutrition to treatment options.



This Australian blogger has documented in great detail with lots of photos on his journey through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). 

Follow him on his inspirational path to clear skin as he takes on TSW and watch as his condition improves throughout the course of a year filled with setbacks and negativity, periods of self-doubt and finally seeing the results of his eczema care routine as well as living a happy lifestyle now. Oh, and did we mention he has a Instagram following as well?

I Have Eczema

i have eczema

This inspirational blog was created by Jenny with the purpose of creating awareness of severe eczema, and documents her journey through TSW,  and how she has braved through difficult times during her bouts of illnesses and infection and overcame every hurdle eventually.

It's An Itchy Little World

itchy little world

Jennifer shares on her award-winning blog on how her family handles their children's allergies, asthma and eczema with a combination of conventional medication as well as natural methods. 

We enjoy reading the informational articles on eczema and parenting tips. If you are looking for some merchandise as well, momprenuer Jennifer owns The Eczema Company which sell natural products.

My Eczema Skincare Blog

my eczema skincare blog

This blog covers how Selina manages her eczema condition, primarily facial eczema, with her own eczema care routine which she has fine-tuned along the way after finding what works for her and what doesn't. 

She shares about her ups and downs in life (both emotional and skin-related) and she's just so full of positivity that we find her inspirational as well. Do remember to check out her posts on some DIY skincare.

Peace Out Eczema

peace out eczema

This personal blog written by stay home mom Jen depicts her TSW progress after she stopped using topical steroids a couple of years back. 

She has included many photos to show off the different affected areas and has documented her progress in a gallery format with great improvement over time. She has also kept a symptom diary during her first year.

Prime Physique Nutrition

prime physique nutrition

Abby is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and shares about her how she overcame her eczema symptoms with proper nutrition and also how she uses natural methods to manage eczema. 

For those who do not like to read long articles, Abby has recorded quite a number of videos and podcasts so that you can learn by playing them over many times at your own convenience. 

The Allergista

the allergist

Having being featured on several media outlets, Jennifer's personal story with atopic dermatitis and how she manages to find out the list of allergens that she is allergic to is simply one that is simply amazing.

Jennifer's blog is filled with tonnes of detailed articles that explores some of the allergens that affects her​, and also provides many useful tips through both her blog posts and Q&A articles for her readers on how they can manage it in their daily lives.

And More Eczema Blogs!

These blogs are mainly people who are also suffering from eczema and are at different phases of their lives. While some may be going through what we commonly know as Topical Steroid Withdrawal, there are also some who have overcome the condition and living an awesome life. 

This list is non-exhaustive and is still a works-in-progress. We are open to all suggestions on any great site that you own or may have come across, so do drop us a line and we will add them in. If you own any of these sites and would not like to be listed here, please let us know as well.

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