February 11, 2017

Best Eczema Cream Over-the-Counter Reviews in 2017 (plus FAQs)

Wouldn't you agree that it can be quite difficult to find the best eczema cream that suits you?

I would certainly think so, and moisturizing with the right products is just as important. 

But how do we know which eczema treatment cream we should look for? Let's find out more.

best eczema cream

While it may not be difficult to find a moisturizer (also known as emollient), it is key that you find the most suitable type for your skin condition.

So Why Is Moisturizing An Important Aspect of Eczema Treatment?

​For someone who may have just encountered their first flare-up, this must be the question in their head. The answer to that is to understand the role of moisturizing creams on our skin. 

First of all, our eczema skin tends to be dry. This can create a tendency to become inflamed upon coming into contact with potential allergens and irritant substances. An emollient plays two important roles during a flare-up - moisturizing and protection.

Role of the Emollient

​The first role of the emollient is to moisturize the already dry, inflamed skin. This helps to soothe the skin and prevent further cracking. This in turn prevents any further compromise on the integrity of the skin barrier.

The second role of the emollient is to ​protect the inflamed skin from any further opportunistic infections. At the same time, it limits the exposure to any allergens or irritant substances. This is done by the moisturizer forming a protective layer physically when it is applied over the inflamed skin.

We hope that you have a better understanding of the importance of using an emollient. Let's help you find the right one as we go through our compilation of the recommended moisturizers for eczema.

Reviews of the Best Eczema Cream


Editor's Score


Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

Puriya Mother of All Creams

MetaDerm Eczema Natural Moisturizing Cream

Gold Bond Eczema Relief

Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme

Dermaced Deep Therapy Eczema / Psoriasis Cream

Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream, 7.3 oz

Kicking things off on our list is this moisturizing cream is accepted by the National Eczema Association. This eczema cream from Aveeno is therefore highly recommended by dermatologists as it has been clinically shown to soothe eczema skin.

Oats have been used by people for a long time to heal skin ailments. The Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal, which is one of the key active ingredient inside serves as a skin protectant. It also helps to lock in moisture which relieves dry or irritated skin.

The cream also contains ceramides, which plays an important part in the restoration of normal skin after inflammation. 

The cream is steroid and fragrance-free, as well as dermatologist-tested, and gentle enough for babies and children.

What We Liked

  • Fast relief for mild to moderate eczema
  • No parabens and other steroids present  

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn't come with no-tamper seal
  • Slightly greasy when applied on face


While a few users have reviewed that the product did not work for them, most have expressed delight in the product's efficacy in providing soothing relief to mild/moderate eczema. Some have even applied on the face and eyelids and found that it worked well for them.

We would also recommend this eczema cream from Aveeno for both prevention as a daily moisturizer for dry and irritated skin. This can be a good over-the-counter eczema treatment option for mild eczema cases.

Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

If you're looking for something made mostly with natural ingredients, the Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream is the one that you can try.

We have it on our list as it has been said that there is something that stands out about this cream from the rest. That organic aloe vera is used as a means to carry the rest of the quality ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil.

Another key ingredient to note is the use of manuka honey, which can be found only in New Zealand. Manuka honey has healing and antibacterial properties. When combined with honey's ability in retaining moisture, this cream can provide the soothing relief that you need.

What We Liked

  • Contains several key Natural ingredients such as Manuka Honey, shea butter, cocoa butter
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Non-greasy and quickly absorbed into skin for fast soothing relief
  • Suitable for face, body, hands, feet

What We Didn't Like

  • May have to reapply more frequently as it dries fast.
  • Slightly pricey


Just like many other creams for eczema and other skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea, there is no one single product that is suitable for everyone.

The Wild Naturals cream with all its natural ingredients is light in texture and gets absorbed fast into the skin for fast relief. While this may be good for some, a couple of users reviewed that they need to reapply very frequently.

With the exception of its price, this is one over-the-counter eczema cream that we would recommend it for all its natural goodness. Many people had shared positive experiences and have seen dramatic improvement after using the product.

Puriya Mother of All Creams

Puriya Mother of All Creams

With claims that it is the Mother of All Creams, it is only natural that the Puriya Cream is one of the best eczema cream that we would explore. 

The special ingredient here is Amaranth oil, which is said to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and promotes cell growth.

The long list of natural ingredients also include aloe vera, safflower oil, shea nut butter, jojoba oil, honey, and a mix of essential oils (lavender, peppermint chamomile and tangerine).

It helps to provide relief from itchy and flaky skin as a result of eczema flare-ups. On top of that, it also hydrates the skin and keep it soft and supple underneath.

What We Liked

  • Uses mostly natural ingredients, with no artificial colours or fragrances.
  • Doesn't feel greasy

What We Didn't Like

  • Slight smell / scent which is not obtrusive, but it's really subjective and you may like it
  • Slightly pricey


While we were not a fan of the smell, it does the job really well in soothing the affected area. The cream smoothens out the dry and flaky skin within a short period of time.

Some users reviewed that the redness did subside but not as much as they were expecting. However, with many users giving it positive reviews, the eczema cream from Puriya may be just the solution for you. It is definitely worth trying, albeit the slightly higher price.

Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion

Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Lotion Eczema 3.50 oz

This eczema lotion uses hydrocortisone as a key ingredient. It helps to relieve the itching associated with flare ups relatively quickly. The hydrocortisone is a topical corticosteroid which works by relieving the inflammation on eczema skin.

Coritzone-10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion also contains a botanical and vitamin complex named Restora, which also helps to soothe and heal the inflammed skin.

What We Liked

  • Skin feels silky smooth after a few applications
  • Good improvement seen after just a few days

What We Didn't Like

  • Slightly pricey for its small packaging
  • Leaves some residue after drying when not applied evenly


From the reviews gathered by users, most found it to be useful for them. Some users were noticing dramatic improvement in their skin condition in days. Do take note that the active ingredient hydrocortisone may not work for everyone. Other than that, there is no harm trying it as this could be the one that could improve your lifestyle.

Dermaced Deep Therapy Eczema/Psoriasis Cream

Dermaced Deep Therapy Cream

This product from Dermaced comes in next on the list of our picks of the best eczema cream. It focuses not just on the relief of eczema skin, but also strongly on healthy skin recovery.

The Dermaced cream contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which is key in cell renewal and wound repair. It has been used for its anti-aging properties. Another reason for its inclusion is the ability to assist in quickly regenerating damaged skin.

It also contains six type of oils, namely rosehip, jojoba seed, sesame, almond, avocado and pomegranate. These oils help the skin to retain its moisture well and keep it in good shape with its anti-inflammatory properties.

What We Liked

  • Quality blend of ingredients like EGF, quercetin, oleuropein make for a potent cream which can help in relieving and recovery of eczema skin
  • Light texture, easy to apply and absorbed into skin

What We Didn't Like

  • Slight medicinal smell, though not overpowering
  • Small size of packaging


Fellow users have shown great results within a few days and shown great improvement within weeks. The brown colour of the cream may not look pleasing to the eye, but don't be fooled by its looks.

It would have been great if it came in a slightly bigger jar. Overall, the Dermaced Deep Therapy Cream does the job well and leaves your skin feeling good.

Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme

Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme

Being a long-established name in the skincare industry, Eucerin's products are widely recognized by consumers. Its product are known to be useful in protecting, repairing and enhancing the skin's health.

The Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme is no different from the other products. It comes as a good option for those who are looking for a brand you can trust.

This over-the-counter eczema cream has been clinically proven to relieve the eczema itchiness. It also helps to improve the skin's state of hydration.

Just like Aveeno's products, it contains colloidal oatmeal which helps to calm dry and irritated skin. The formula helps to strengthen the skin's natural defence and improve the skin condition over time.

What We Liked

  • No steroids, fragrances and dye
  • Rich formula which protects and nourishes very dry skin for longer periods of time

What We Didn't Like

  • Can be too thick and messy for summers
  • Thick tube which may create some wastage as the cream cannot be squeezed out at the end


While you can be assured of its quality as it comes from an established brand, this product may not be for everyone. Some people do not favor it due to its thick nature.

Having said that, its moisturizing properties are superior and works well. The formula is gentle and is suitable for use for adults, children and babies alike. This is one of our go-to options on our list of the best eczema cream.

MetaDerm Eczema Natural Moisturizing Cream

Metaderm Eczema Natural Moisturizing Cream

Next on our picks of the best eczema cream is the MetaDerm Eczema Natural Moisturizing Cream. This product has been clinically tested and reportedly have 86% of patients who used it showed profound results.

With its proprietary blend of botanical extracts from medicinal herbs, this eczema cream has been shown to reduce itching, redness and inflammation. Some of the best results were seen after approximately 12 weeks.

The cream works by targeting the hyper-inflammatory response by slowing it down. It is effective for use in the management of severe and chronic cases of eczema.

What We Liked

  • No steroids, parabens
  • Light formulation which abosrbs well into the skin with little greasy feel
  • Suitable for face, body, hands and legs

What We Didn't Like

  • Needs frequent re-application due to its light texture


We found it to be really effective as a daily moisturizer due to its light texture. This eczema cream also does well in terms of maintaining the healed skin.

Having said that, the frequent re-application may bother some users. We don't see it as a major issue as the tube can be brought around with ease. We love the fact it works by targeting the hyper-inflammatory response from the body. 

Gold Bond Eczema Relief

Gold Bond Eczema Relief

Any eczema sufferer would agree with me that you will feel best and at ease when you don't have to scratch those dry patches. Having such inflamed patches would spoil the days ahead.

The Gold Bond Eczema Relief lotion also uses colloidal oatmeal as its key ingredient. It can help to bring about quick relief for your itching symptoms. Not only that, it also improves your skin's condition together with its other moisturizing ingredients and vitamins.

What We Liked

  • Thick cream which provides for long-lasting protection
  • Value for money with its large pump bottle packaging
  • No Steroids

What We Didn't Like

  • Slower absorption due to its thick formulation, so may feel a little uneasy and messy if applied on hands during day time.
  • May not be able to pump all its contents out, may be better off transferring to another container.


Many users have got good things to say about this eczema lotion. This is especially so for the fact that its effects are long-lasting throughout the day with its thick, consistent creamy texture.

Some people do not like it as it makes hands messy especially when they are working. However, the soothing effects of the cream come on fast and relieves the itch in no time.

It is also a big plus that it comes in a big pump bottle, so you do not need to hold back on pumping the cream out as it will not cost you an arm or a leg. Overall, it is one lotion for eczema that works that comes at great value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moisturizers for Eczema

Can I use any ordinary moisturizers for eczema skin?

Since having eczema leaves us with dry and irritated skin when it flares up, we would need plenty of moisturizing.

We would preferably like to use one that will provide adequate protection and soothe the skin. On top of that, it should not cause further irritation to our sensitive skin which is already in distress.

hand moisturizer

What should I be watching out for in the ingredients list?

For starters, moisturizers for eczema should not contain some ingredients or contents which are known to cause irritation for eczema skin.

Some of the more obvious contents that should be avoided are those that contain perfumes and fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives, or lanolin. Let us explore each of these known irritants in depth.

Perfumes and Fragrances

​Fragrances are usually added to make it more appealing to the consumers. In some cases, the fragrances can also be added to mask any less than desirable odors of certain ingredients used in the formulation. 

While it may smell pleasant, it may not be suitable for use on eczema skin as these synthetic compounds. By ensuring that there are no fragrances in the product, we remove one possibility of an irritant wreaking havoc on your skin.

Parabens, Formaldehyde and other Preservatives

Preservatives are generally added to these products to prevent any bacteria, mold and fungus growth in the products. Parabens are some of the most commonly used preservatives in many cosmetics and toiletries as it can be cheaply produced, and does not cause much skin allergy reactions for most people. 

Formaldehyde and its releasers were also commonly found in products, but it has since been slowly replaced by other preservatives. Some of the better known formaldehyde releasers include bronopol, imidazolidinyl, quaternium 15.

You can look out for some of these ingredients on the packaging to ensure that these parabens and other preservatives are absent: methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, benzylparaben, isoparaben, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.


Lanolin and its derivatives are commonly found in ointments and creams as it is used as a base ingredient. Being a comedogenic substance, it clogs up the pores on our skin and may also result in folliculitis, a condition whereby the hair follicles become inflamed. 

Public awareness of harsh ingredients in products

The National Eczema Association has created the NEA Seal of Acceptance program and recognizes that some of these products can be of benefit to people with eczema and sensitive skin. While its acceptance of products do not represent an endorsement of the product, products are evaluated to confirm that they do not contain these known irritants which are unsuitable for people with eczema or sensitive skin.

Which type of moisturizer is suitable for me?

There are three main types of moisturizers, and their usage is slightly different and should be used as indicated to achieve the best results possible. Let us go through the differences in the table below.


  • Semi-solid
  • Works by forming a consistent physical barrier to prevent water loss, thus ensuring that skin remains hydrated
  • Leaves greasy feel on skin and may not be suitable for everyone


  • Thicker formulation which contains lesser oil as compared to ointments, thus leaving making the skin feel less greasy
  • Creams are absorbed slower and can help to retain moisture underneath
  • Some creams may contain preservatives, so it may not be suitable for everyone.


  • Thinner formulation which contains more water as compared to creams
  • Rapid absorption into the skin which provides for a soothing feeling fast
  • But as lotions are absorbed rapidly into the skin, frequent reapplication is necessary and thus not suitable with dry skin.

Having understood the differences between the three types of moisturizers, it is clearer that we should choose the best moisturizer for eczema that suits our individual needs. Let us provide a few examples of how the different types can be used, either on its own or as a combination of at least two types.

Example 1

During the good times when there are no flare-ups, some people can use a lighter formulation of either an eczema lotion or eczema cream to apply a very thin layer over their skin for the maintenance of moist and supple skin.

Example 2

For someone who is going through a moderate to severe eczema outbreak, they may use a combination of moisturizers. They may use either a lotion or cream to go about their daily routine which prevents things from getting too messy, and switch to an ointment at bedtime for maximum effect while they sleep through the night.

Example 3

Alternatively, they may use the ointment in the day but only on the severely affected areas. For the rest of the body, they can continuing using either a cream or a lotion.

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the type of moisturizers for your eczema skin. You should find out which product can help you get rid of eczema symptoms and tailor it to your daily routine and preferences.

How often do I need to apply the moisturizers?


The frequency can vary for every individual, and some of the factors that we should consider are directly related to the dryness of the skin. The main objective of frequent topical applications is to keep the skin moisturized and stay supple.

People with dry skin should be looking to apply at least 2-3 times per day. If the skin gets really dry or in cases of weeping eczema, you may step up the frequency to once every 1-2 hours.

Apply every day even when your skin is not inflamed

There is a common misconception that you do not need to apply when the skin is not dry or when the skin is not inflamed. We would recommend that for someone who has eczema to apply it on a daily basis even in the absence of inflamed skin. This would help to keep the skin in good condition whereby it is less prone to flare-ups caused by dry skin.

Apply more in cold and dry weather

External factors such as the environment can determine how often you need to apply in the course of a day. For example, you may need to apply more often during winter or when the weather becomes less humid or even dry. If you stay indoors in an air-conditioned room even in summer, you may consider applying more often just to be sure.

When is a good time to apply?

Apply right after your shower

The best time to put on moisturizers in general are right after your bath or shower. You may take lukewarm baths with mild soap or non-soap cleaners.

The water from the bath not only helps to clean off any residual dirt, oil, irritants and allergens from your body, it helps to hydrate and soften the skin which allows for good absorption of any medications or moisturizer that is applied.

After your bath or shower, gently pat dry with a soft towel and do not rub to avoid irritating the eczema on body further.

After drying, do remember to apply a moisturizer as soon as possible to ensure optimal absorption of the moisturizer by the skin.

body eczema

While bathing and showering may be helpful in relieving the symptoms of the eczema especially during a flare-up, you have to be careful not to do so too frequently.

Frequent wetting of the skin, especially without any use of moisturizers immediately after, may result in dry and irritated skin due to the lack of a protective barrier formed by the moisturizer.​

Apply before and after exercise

If you exercise frequently, it would be good to apply a small amount just before you start as this can help to prevent the sweat from causing any irritation to the inflamed skin and keep scratching to a minimum. After your post-workout shower, do remember to apply the usual amount and it should keep you moisturized for at least a few hours. 

How long can I keep my moisturizers for?

The expiry date or the 'best before' date on the packaging would certainly be a good guide as to when you should be discarding the moisturizers at its latest. While expired lotions generally do little or no harm to one's skin, it just does not work as well as it should in terms of keeping the moisture locked in the skin.

For frequent users, we believe that you would probably be replenishing on your supplies much earlier than the expiry dates thus you may not face this problem. However, the fact that we deplete our supplies fast may mean that is more economical to buy products that come in big packaging, especially body creams that comes packaged in big tubs.

Every time that you stick your fingers into the big tub for some cream, you are introducing bacteria and germs into the tub. These will contaminate the mixture and shorten the shelf life of the product significantly. 

You may like to keep your creams and lotions in cool places (or even slightly cooler than room temperature for good measure) to ensure that the product does not spoil way before its 'best before' date.

Which type of packaging should I buy?

While it may be tempting for those of you who uses these moisturizers heavily to purchase in bigger packaging options, you have to note the point on the possible contamination of the product.

This problem will be more prevalent in tubs, so  you may want to avoid buying excessively large tubs of creams as it is just not practical.

Consider buying smaller tubs that may come in twin or triple packs to enjoy the discounted prices, and at the same time minimize any wastage. Another alternative would be to purchase pump bottles, which is easy to dispense the lotion and can effectively keep the germs out of the bottle.

hand eczema

Small packaging can be practical for most of us, especially during flare-ups and you need to constantly apply on the inflamed eczema patches.  Small tubes will come in handy and you can slot it into your daily bag or even your pocket. 

Is an expensive moisturizer better than a cheaper moisturizer?

Eczema is pretty much a lifelong condition that has to be managed. The financial costs incurred in our search for the best lotions for eczema can be substantial when we add them up over the years. With our frequent and long-term usage of moisturizing products, therefore we need to manage these costs well and get the best value for our money.

While we may pay for an expensive brand of eczema cream that works well for us, we need to consider if there are any cheaper or even better alternatives as expensive eczema creams may not be the best eczema cream.

In our opinion, there are a few reasons why products are priced at a premium. If it is due to the costs incurred during the R&D process and due to the use of high quality ingredients, it will be justified to pay the premium. If it is due to high marketing costs or simply paying for a more attractive packaging, you may be better off looking for a cheaper alternative.


While you can find many more brands of eczema creams and lotion for eczema available in the market today, this list contains some of the best eczema cream you can buy over-the-counter based on reviews by users. 

It is also important to take note that while one product may work for someone, it may not work for you. If in doubt, please speak to your doctor before starting on any new products.

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