Welcome to EczemaCreamHub.com!

My name is Colin Thomas and I’m the founder and editor at Eczema Cream Hub. As an eczema sufferer, I have been through many episodes of eczema outbreaks in my life, and while some may be as mild as a transient itch, some episodes may lasts for days to weeks with uncontrollable itch, red and swollen skin, with loads of emotional stress and frustration.

Growing up with eczema has never been easy, and as eczema pretty much stays with you for life, we learn how to manage these stressful episodes through products which help to relieve the itch, and heal these patches back to shape.

At EczemaCreamHub.com, we will share with you on some valuable information and tips on how to best manage eczema through my personal experiences, as well as share with you on some of the products which helps to relieve the symptoms and speed up the healing process after every attack, improving the quality of our lives.